A Rose among the Thorns

Flower Child at the Westfield Warringah Mall.

I have been walking past the beautiful looking gazebo in Warringah Mall for weeks now hoping to get a chance to try their breakfast menu. After having their delectible desserts each week I finally got the opportunity today to give their breakfast a go.

With a quiet morning at the mall, we got the opportunity to bring the pram inside and next to our table (usually it is quite packed and prams need to be left outside). The menu has something for everyone from a simple order of toast with house made jam to something sweet with their Flower Child French Toast and then onto my favourite – the poached eggs with a side of bacon and avocado.

I do love a place that gives you enough time between your coffee and breakfast and Flower Child really nailed that. The coffee was a little bit on the bitter side for me but was quickly made up for with the plate I was presented with for breakfast. Two perfectly cooked poached eggs and crispy bacon with a side of soft and sliced avocado. I couldn’t eat it fast enough and will definitely be back here to try more of their menu as it was not easy to decide!