Much ado about Cooh

Cooh Cafe at 64-68 Pitt Road, North Curl Curl (also in Alexandria).

This place may be the very reason I started this blog – I have never been let down by their menu options or their creamy coffee that at the worst of times doesn’t need a sugar to make it sweet and delicious. It is a coffee you love just as it is.

The cafe prides itself on a menu that gives you variety of delicious healthy, organic and extremely delicious foods. The way they have partnered certain foods with a variety of flavours that compliment each other is extraordinary and something worth seeking out!

I am not sure there is much on the menu that I haven’t tried but my favourites include the porridge in winter with a dollop of coconut yoghurt to give it a cooling texture, the bircher muesli in summer that is light and refreshing when partnered with the strawberries on the plate and of course their buckwheat pancake. Do not be fooled by the word ‘buckwheat’, this pancake puts others to shame and doesn’t leave you feeling shameful about what you have just consumed. It is quite a big serving which suits me as my husband always enjoys a spoonful….or three.