Four out of Four for Mosman

Fourth Village Provider Restaurant 5A Vista Street, Mosman, NSW, 2088

In winter I always struggle with a breakfast menu, especially when there is porridge on offer. I always love the different ways that restaurants and cafes put their spin on this traditional and lets face it basic meal. The menu at Fourth Village has so many good choices that it was lucky I was dining with four people so got the opportunity to try them all!

The fresh strawberries in the porridge gave it a sweet taste and texture but it still felt like it was missing something to give it a kick from a good porridge into a great one. The bacon, eggs, avocado, hollandaise sauce and tomatoes were a clear stand out! Every other dish on my table came with a ‘yummmm’ after the mouthful I would consume.

Definitely a great place to try on a cool day but be sure to get there at a good time as they don’t take bookings, although I must admit it would be worth the wait!