Delightful trip to the Bay

Thelma and Louise Cafe1 Hayes Street, Neutral Bay, NSW, 2089

Whenever I am in Neutral Bay or even close by I always make sure I drop into Thelma and Louise cafe. Not only for the view of the harbour but for their compact breakfast menu that delivers generous portions to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

My go to meal is their creamy porridge with caramelised fruit and sultanas, every mouthful is even better than the last! During summer their muesli is just as delicious and big enough for two. I would also recommend their poached eggs on wholemeal toast but be warned there is a lot of toast there, I usually ask for some jam as well incase I am hungry afterwards.

My only recommendation would be to book ahead as it can get quite busy, I have sometimes called when I am only half an hour away and was so glad I did.