The ultimate beachside cafe

Pilu at Freshwater – ‘On the Beach’ Moore Road, Freshwater

On a beautiful sunny day it’s hard to not be drawn to cafes that are close to the beach or with a view of the ocean. I have gotten so used to just walking up to my local favourite that I have forgotten about the gems that are only a 5 minute drive away. Today I got into the car with my Mum and baby boy and headed over to Pilu cafe in Freshwater. Boy am I glad I did! Outside table with a glimpse of the ocean, sunny day with no wind and delicious food and coffee to match.

I am quite lucky as both my Mum and I are food sharers, especially when it comes to breakfast (and dessert!). We went for our usual porridge, which I must admit I was a little underwhelmed by and avocado on grainy toast with some oil and lemon that was the show stopper. It also helped that I could eat it one handed whilst trying to feed the little guy. I can’t rave enough about my love for a coffee that has real chocolate flakes on the top.

Whilst the menu is not available online, it is definitely worth the stroll past to check it out even if it is just for the location alone.