My Top 3 Picks

Out of all the cafes I have visited I definitely have a top 3 that I absolutely adore, whether it is the atmosphere, the food and coffee or even the friendly staff. The way my list works is that I am never allowed to have more than 3 favourites so if a new one becomes a must-love then it means bumping off an oldie. So here goes…

#1: Cooh Cafe, North Curl Curl – without a doubt my top cafe as it hits the trifecta – good food, good coffee, good people.

Cooh in Winter
Porridge to warm you up in winter!

#2: Cumulus Inc, Melbourne – when I fly to Melbourne I always have to ensure that my flight back allows enough time for me to get in a breakfast here before I go.


#3: Ludo, Bowral – this one caught me by surprise but it was one of those places that as I walked over the gravel to get inside, I just knew. Beautiful sunshine on our table, the best bacon and eggs I have ever tasted and coffee that didn’t need a sugar. Perfection.